Enrolment & Fees

Conveniently located in Kuraby


Please download an  Enrolment Form here
►  Kuraby Grove Enrolment Form (Click here)

Upon completion of the enrolment form, you may email it to  info@kurabygrove.com.au  or
mail it to: 102 Besline Street, Kuraby, QLD 4112.

If you require further information, you may contact us via email or ring us on  07 3841 4444 . The Centre’s Provider Number is 555 012 984S.


Our fees are on a sliding scale.  This means that the daily 5-day rate becomes cheaper than the 1-day or 2-4 day rates. Discounts may be offered for siblings.

Your fee subsidy i.e.  Childcare Benefit (CCB)  is calculated by Centrelink. Your CCB percentage is means tested, based on your family’s combined income. The CCB will reduce your weekly fee payments.

CHILDCARE REBATE (CCR)  – Eligibility is subject to both parents working or studying, which is assessed by Centrelink.

The Centre offers various methods of payment, i.e.  DIRECT DEPOSIT (Internet Banking), EFTPOS, CHEQUES.


Families have the choice of either providing meals or the option of catered meals with a variation of a price bracket. Meals provided by the Centre are highly Nutritious, Nut free, Egg free and Seafood free.

For further information on our
Enrolment process, get in touch
with us on  07 3841 4444  today!

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